WILMINGTON, NC--When you're looking to buy a historic home that has already been restored, make sure the current owner can show you documentation that the work was done correctly.

That advice comes from historic home owner Bunky Bruce who told NewsChannel 3 he and his wife, Linda, spent eight months renovating a 115-year-old house they purchased in downtown Willmington, N.C.

Here's some advice Bunky gave NewsChannel 3:

"'Look for proof, look for documentation, when someone says it has a new roof on it, get them to prove it to you that it has a new roof on it -- here's the documentation, here's when I did it, here's the person.'

He says you should look for a realtor who specializes in the historic district and people who have experience working on historic homes if you are going to renovate.

'Make sure you get professionals involved with you that understand this type of building construction, and understand historic properties,' Bunky said.

Bunky also recommends figuring out what your budget is and then building in a 20 percent "fudge factor."

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Source: WWAY, NewsChannel 3, the ABC television affiliate in Wilmington, N.C.

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