If you've purchase and renovated a historic home, here's your chance to be featured on national television. Home & Garden Television is looking for homeowners who have dramatic stories to tell about their historic homes for the new season of If Walls Could Talk.

The show explores the many homes across the country that have intriguing pasts, and profiles homeowners who make historical discoveries while researching and restoring their homes.

To be considered, send an e-mail to Liz Koller at wallstalk@highnoonentertainment.com with the following information:
--Year and style of the home
--Date purchased and renovations done
--Historic discoveries found in the home and on the property (artifacts, architectural features, etc.)
--Brief history of the home
--Names and ages of people living in the home
--Contact information: name, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address

If you need inspiration as you search for historic homes for sale, tune into If Walls Could Talk on HGTV. Check the site for local listings.

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