Oceanside, Calif.--A historic home is for sale for the bargain price of $1 if you're willing to relocate it from its beachfront property.

If the 100-year-old Rorick/Reid House does not find a buyer, it will be demolished to make way for a Westin Hotel, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

"Commissioners, apologizing for not thinking of it sooner, said they hope someone will be willing to move the Rorick/Reid House."

However, one of the house's more famous neighbors will be spared. A home that has been known as the "Top Gun House" since the 1986 movie was filmed there will be moved a block north.

If you're interested in the Rorick/Reid House, you'll need to move it at least a month before the September 2008, when groundbreaking is scheduled for the hotel, Jane McVey, city economic development and redevelopment director, told the Union-Tribune.

For more information, contact (760) 435-3352.

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San Diego Union-Tribune

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